Mrs. Clarke, In you poem ‘clocks’, what are you trying to explain in the 2nd stanza? Is the setting of any significance? What connotations does ‘ffwff-ffwff’ have?I would appreciate it if you could give a gist of the poem. Kush Pandey


Background: Cai was my two and a half year old grandson. I can’t see a problem with anything in verse 1. Ffwff-ffwffs is ‘the name he gives to all flowers’, perhaps because he likes blowing dandelion clocks, and making a ffwff-ffwff to blow. It is a tradition here. When the golden dandelion goes to seed it is a sphere of white seed-heads. You blow, and say ‘1 o’clock, two….’ etc. A child’s game of telling the time by dandelion.


Ffwff-ffwff: also the sound of the sea breaking on the sand, and the daylight moon in the sky is a white sphere too. He points to it, says ‘Ffwff-Ffwff’ – making a beautiful meataphor for clock and moon.